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Online Classes & Workshops

Register for upcoming workshops, webinars, & classes taught by Rae Antonoff (RaeAn), founder of JLearnHub & professional Jewish educator with a decade of online teaching experience.

Past & future classes* & workshops^ include...

  • Hebrew School for Grown-Ups
    • Hebrew Letters*
    • Reform Liturgy*
    • Torah Ritual Hebrew*
    • Intro to Parsing Biblical Hebrew*
    • Learning T'fillah Through Micrography*
    • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Micrography Technique*
    • Intro to Hebrew Calligraphy*
    • Micrography & Mindfulness^
    • What The Chag (Jewish holiday intro study)^
  • Professional Development for Jewish Educators
    • Hebrew Step-By-Step (HSBS) Training^*
    • Beit Midrash Prayer Guides (BMPG) Training^*
    • Micrography & Mindfulness for Jewish Educators (for grades 2+)^
    • Teaching T'fillah Through Micrography Training (for grades 4+)^
  • & more to come!

^ Workshops are single-session learning opportunities.
* Classes are multi-session courses of 4-12 sessions, depending on the topic & level.
^* Some PD opportunities can be formatted for a single session OR an in-depth 4-session mini-course.

JLearnHub is looking to grow our online class offerings! Are you a Jewish educator who wants to join our roster of educators and offer classes or workshops with JLearnHub? Submit a CV or resume to rae@jlearnhub.com to open the conversation.