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1-Page Hebrew Letter Chart with Silly Hebrew Trick Mnemonics

Rae Antonoff, MAJE

1-Page Hebrew Letter Chart with Silly Hebrew Trick Mnemonics

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Review the Hebrew letters & vowels with this printable chart! View all the letters and vowels on one page with mnemonic tricks to help learners remember the sound each letter or vowel makes. Keep the chart handy while learning to read Hebrew, and you may find yourself glancing over to it less and less often!

File has been updated for 2022! Change log:

  1. A few mnemonics have been updated based on user feedback (e.g. Tzeirei/AY)
  2. All letters still fit on one page, but the file is now two pages! Use just one page or the other, or print double-sided for both options.
    1. Page 1 has the same format as before
    2. Page 2 now has all the illustrations for each Silly Hebrew Trick in foll color (but still accessible when printed in grayscale)

Have feedback that could improve the next file update? Email the creator, Rae Antonoff, rae@jlearnhub.com, and let us know what you think!

CREATOR: Rae Antonoff, MAJE
LENGTH: 2-page License Document, 2-page Letter Charts
PRINTING: Full Color or B&W/Grayscale; licensed for unlimited copying/printing
CONTAINS: Chart PDF, License Agreement PDF
FONTS USED: Calibri, David
LICENSE TYPE: OU – Organizational Use Only
LICENSE RENEWAL: None - Lifetime (see full License Agreement for details)

If you purchased a previous version of the file and did not get an email notification with the updated link, email accounts@jlearnhub.com with your prior order number and we'll gladly forward the new file to you.

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