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A Children's Al Heit - על חטא לילדים: Youth & Family Liturgy

Rabbi Rachel Miller Solomin

A Children's Al Heit - על חטא לילדים: Youth & Family Liturgy


This Yom Kippur confessional acrostic offers young people and families a modern and relevant replacement for (or supplement to) the traditional Al Heit or Ashamnu.

TITLE: A Children's Al Heit / על חטא לילדים
CREATOR: Rabbi Rachel Miller Solomin
COLLABORATING EDITORS: Rae Antonoff, Peter Eckstein
LENGTH: 2 pages (or 1 double-sided)
PRINTING: Color; greyscale print-tested: ✓
CATEGORIES: Holidays, T'fillah/Prayer
TAGS: Yom Kippur, High Holy Days, Teshuvah, Liturgy, Machzor, English Liturgy, Prayer, Acrostic, Printable, Visual T'fillah
SUGGESTED AUDIENCE: Late Elementary (3-5), Middle School, Family Program/Service
DENOMINATIONAL ALIGNMENT(S): Non-Denominational, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Renewal
FILE TYPE(s): Word Document (.doc), PDF
CONTAINS: Al Heit PDF, Al Heit Word Document, License Agreement PDF

LICENSE TYPE: FOUNDER'S: Full Copyright (Organizational Use, No Derivatives) until 9/30/21, CC-BY-SA – Attribution-ShareAlike (Derivatives Permitted) after 9/30/21
Renewal/Duration: No Renewal - lifetime of purchasing individual or organization (see full License Agreement for details)

By purchasing this item, you are bound by the terms of its license. Please respect the work of this talented Resource Designer: do not create derivatives (modifications) or redistribute before September 30, 2021, and please refer other organizations to JLearnHub if they would like to use this resource. For information about Creative Commons licensing and what options open up after the transition to CC-BY-SA in 2021, go to www.creativecommons.org

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