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Genesis and Exodus | 36 Stories: An Illustrated Study Guide

J. Tamaren

Genesis and Exodus | 36 Stories: An Illustrated Study Guide

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Explore the stories or Genesis/B'reishit and Exodus/Sh'mot through a beautiful and meaningful new lens!

"Genesis and Exodus: 36 Stories" includes translations of Torah stories with full-color illustrations. Ideal for middle-school classrooms or for adults new to Judaism; the study guide includes commentary on literary structure, cultural context, and how the themes of the Torah continue to inform the lives of modern Jews. A fantastic gift for a child or grandchild; for classroom use; or for the adult who wants to re-visit these stories from a new perspective.

The guide is 120 pages and includes 84 original graphics.

For ages 11 and over.


TITLE: Genesis and Exodus: 36 Stories
CREATOR: J. Tamaren
EDITORS: Nina Snyder
LENGTH: 120-page PDF
PRINTING: Color (recommended: double-sided on 40# or heavier paper)
CATEGORIES: Torah, Tanakh, eBook, Text Study
TAGS: Torah, Tanakh, Genesis, Exodus, PDF, Printable, Projectable, eBook, Illustrated, Text Study
SUGGESTED AUDIENCE: Middle School, High School, College, Lifelong Learning, Family Education
DENOMINATIONAL ALIGNMENT(S): Non-Denominational, Reform, Reconstructionist, Humanist, Renewal

LICENSE TYPE: TRADITIONAL: Full Copyright (Organizational Use, No Derivatives) Renewal/Duration: No Renewal - lifetime of purchasing individual or organization. 

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